AI Smart Costing Solution

Accelerate Your Costing Process
and Optimize Your Product Cost

Accelerate your Time-To-Market

Estimate your product costs faster and more accurately

Optimize your Current Product Portfolio

Identify savings opportunities on existing products thanks to the easyKost Cost Control Tower

Optimize the design of your products

(Re)Design your product according to a targeted cost, among the entire product life cycle, by using the Design-To-Cost feature of easyKost


Trusted by worldclass industrial companies

3 X Faster

Cost estimations 3 times faster and 50% more accurate thanks to the use of machine learning and AI algorithms, allowing to optimize the time of your costing teams

‘’Our cost estimations have gained in precision and accuracy, and in speed of execution, thanks to the software's estimation module. Today, using easyKost is our first reflex when it comes to estimating the cost of a new product’’
Frédéric NOÉ — Costing Manager HUTCHINSON