Cost Engineering

Optimize the design of your products

Use the Reverse costing feature of easyKost to design your new products according to a target Cost and to optimize the existing products

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Simulate the financial impacts of your product specifications in real-time

easyKost analyzes cost sensitivity, based on one or multiple cost-drivers (example : raw material, dimension, production country, product weight…)

Explore the products diversity and identify rationalization opportunities

easykost Identifies similar existing products in the database and offers comparaisons and rationalization opportunities


Use the predominant and high-impact cost-drivers suggested by easyKost to optimize your Costing


(Re)Design your product according to a targeted cost, among the entire product life cycle, by using the Design-To-Cost and Reverse Costing features


Graphical analysis of data to identify and visualize opportunities for technical product optimizations

What If Scenarios

Gain in agility by simulating, in real time, the economic impacts of different product design scenarios