Cost Control Tower

The Ultimate Cost Optimization Solution

easyKost is the unique software to identify savings opportunities and optimize your costs

What is the easyKost Cost Control Tower?

The Cost Control Tower of easyKost analyzes cost consistencies, identifies savings opportunities across your different product and service categories and optimizes your sourcing strategies

Savings Opportunities Identification

easyKost identifies savings opportunities by identifying and analyzing over-priced products compared to their technical characteristics

The easyKost’s dashboards provide a real-time synthetic vision on the Gap to Should-Cost*

easyKost provides tools and dashboards to monitor the performance of your procurement categories portfolio 

*Gap to Should-Cost: procurement savings potential linked to the gap between the current cost and the optimized modeled cost by easyKost

Explore your Procurement Data with easyKost

easyKost analyzes and explores data to support procurement teams in optimizing supplier negotiations and procurement strategies

Optimize your Procurement Strategies Thanks to the easyKost Simulations

Gap to Should-Cost

An All-in-One Vision of the procurement savings potential

Analysis per Supplier

Visualizing cost consistency savings and renegociation opportunities per supplier

Supplier Mix

Offering supplier relocation strategies