Product Costing Software by easyKost

Accelerate your Time-To-Market & Increase your Costing Capacity

Estimate your product costs faster
and more accurately

Costing: ability to estimate and model the cost of a product

Using easyKost as a smart Costing tool is the key to:

  • Reduce the customer response lead time
  • Increase the winrate and the capacity of the costing teams
  • Agilize the process of new product development 
  • accurately estimates and understand the Cost of a new product or service
  • Identify cost optimization opportunities for new products and services

They trust us

easyKost, the best way to estimate costs


Cost estimations 3 times faster, allowing to optimize the efficiency of your costing team


30 to 50% increase in cost estimation accuracy


Simple user experience combined with advanced AI algorithms in cost estimation


Already 250+ models created within easyKost

Since 2015, easyKost has been the trusted partner of organizations in different industrial fields, that want to accelerate, optimize and simplify their costing process

3 X Faster

Cost estimations 3 times faster and 50% more accurate thanks to the use of machine learning and AI algorithms, allowing to optimize the time of your costing teams

‘’Our cost estimations have gained in precision and accuracy,
and in speed of execution, thanks to the software's
estimation module. Today, using easyKost is our first reflex
when it comes to estimating the cost of a new product’’
Frédéric NOÉ — Costing Manager HUTCHINSON